"First Contact" Monument Project

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"First Contact" Monument Project
Other name Duyfken Memorial Monument/Weipa Monument
Continent Australia
Countries Australia
Sites Mapoon Shire
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Project duration  till 2013
Contact person Kaspar Kuiper
Monument, Australia, Netherlands

Following the celebrations in 2006, which marked 400 years since the landing of the Duyfken and the visit by the Parliamentary delegation led by Mrs Timmerman-Buck, President of the Dutch Senate, the Netherlands and Queensland Governments decided to join hands for the erection of a memorial marking the "first contact" by the crew of the Duyfken.

Project information

The historical ties between the Netherlands and Australia have resulted in a rich cultural heritage between the two countries. In 1606 the VOC Ship De Duyfken arrived as the first European Ship on the North East Coast of Australia. This first contact was fundamental to the unique historical relations between the Netherland and Australia. Therefore the erection of a memorial at Point Duyfken was proposed. Tangible and intangible references to the Duyfken and the first contacts between the indigenous Australian population are valuable elements in the common cultural heritage. The erection of a Duyfken monument in Weipa can contribute to embracement between the Netherlands and the indigenous population. Narratives on the first contacts are still passed on from generation to generation through the oral history. The monument will be revealed in May 2013.




Involved organisation(s)
Duyfken 1606 Replica Foundation INC.
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Canberra, Australia
Australia on the Map: A Division of the Australasian Hydrographic Society
Mapoon Shire Council

Funding organisation(s)
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Canberra, Australia
Duyfken 1606 Replica Foundation INC.
Mapoon Shire Council
Rio Tinto Alcan Aluminium Limited, Brisbane, Australia
Bendigo Bank
Eerste Kamer der Staten-Generaal

Organisations referring to this project
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Canberra, Australia

Involved expert(s)
Willem Andreae
Kaspar Kuiper

Experts referring to this project
Willem Andreae
Kaspar Kuiper
Geoff Wharton

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