‘Diálogos Brasil/Holanda’: reusing cultural heritage buildings

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Cover of the book 'ReUso na Holanda' (2015)

The goal of ‘Diálogos Brasil/Holanda’ was to give a glimpse of the Dutch approach to reusing cultural heritage buildings in a dialogue with Brazil. This event was organised by the Brazilian Institute of Historical and Artistic Heritage (IPHAN) in cooperation with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, resulting in a 2-day symposium on 23 and 24 November at the headquarters of the Institute in Brasilia. The event was part of the Public Diplomacy Program of the Netherlands, and aimed to gather experts, students of architecture and urbanism, and professionals interested in the subject.

The event featured an opening addresses by IPHAN’s president, Mrs. Jurema Machado; the ambassador of the Netherlands, Mr. Han Peters; and senior policy officer of the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (RCE), Mr. Jean-Paul Corten. They addressed the relevance of this topic for both Brazil and the Netherlands, hoping for a rich dialogue and exchange of knowledge throughout the event. On the first evening, Professor Paul Meurs from TU Delft shared a few examples on the Dutch approach to the reuse and management of cultural heritage as an introduction to the exhibition ‘ReUso na Holanda’. This exhibition shows several successful cases of how public and private institutions in the Netherlands have managed interventions in cultural patrimony. It will be on display in the Mário de Andrade room at the IPHAN headquarters until 31 January 2016. Admission is free.

During the second day of this event, experts made in-depth analyses of specific cases and processes of reuse in both countries, targeting common goals that can embody further cooperation between Brazil and the Netherlands regarding this topic. Presentations by the public and the private sector experts continued: Frank Altenburg from RCE shared the main challenges of preserving built heritage in the Netherlands, while sharing some plans for partnership with the Brazilian government. Brazilian private enterprises, such as Porto Maravilha in Rio de Janeiro and the real estate fund of Salvador, and the Dutch urban renewal company Stadsherstel Amsterdam N.V., shared their methods and priorities, addressing common challenges and needs. Through this dialogue, both parties expect further cooperation regarding the (re)use of cultural patrimony, where the knowledge and expertise of Brazil and the Netherlands, together with the participation of the public and private sectors, will help both countries further into developing sustainable interventions in their cultural patrimony.

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