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The study of past human activities and their environment by means of excavations and analyses of artefacts (objects made by humans) and other physical remains in the landscape that are formed due to human activity (for example the de-foresting, cultivation, and building activities in an area).

Note: Underwater archaeology is a subdivision of archaeology, of which the subject of study is sites, objects, and shipwrecks beneath the surface of the water.

Projects having "Archaeology" as Project discipline
Advanced Course on GIS Application in the Management of Underwater Archaeology
Archaeological and Anthropological Research Sta Cruz plantation and St.Juan mansion (Curaçao)
Archaeological research Marienburg
Archaeological research Usscher Fort (Fort Crevecoeur)
Archaeological survey of Fort do Arraial, Fort de Brum, Fort Orange, Tejucopapo, Sinagoge Zur Israel and Penedo
Atlantic World Research
Avondster project
Caribbean Roots: A diachronic perspective on perishable material culture in the Caribbean
Cultural Impact Assessment & Maritime Archaeology in Galle, Sri Lanka
Digital Archaeological Archive of Comparative Slavery (DAACS)
Dutch Florins and Coins
Engenho São Jorge dos Erasmos
Establishment of an Oceanographic institute affiliated to the UNESCO Asia Pacific Maritime Archaeology Training Centre in Galle
Expedition Oman, search for VOC-wreck Amstelveen (1763) in Oman
Fort Boekoe withdrawn from the swamps
Foundation Course for the Caribbean Region
Freeburg House
Maritime Archaeology Development Project
NEXUS 1492 New World Encounters in a Globalizing World
Plantations English Quarter and Pleasure Estate (St. Eustatius)
… further results

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