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The Atlantic World and the Dutch", aims to preserve and study the mutual cultural heritage resulting from Dutch contact with the peoples of both Africa and the Americas over a period of some five hundred years. The initial stage of the project began in February 2004 for intensifying international cultural relations of the Dutch ministries of Foreign Affairs and Education, Culture and Science.

A main objective is to identify relevant written sources held within collections both in the Netherlands and abroad. A secondary element of the project involves current and future historical research projects, in particular those pertaining to the tangible and intangible legacy of the Dutch overseas presence, as well as initiatives regarding the management and preservation of records. This digital guide is one element of the project, offering detailed information on published and unpublished Dutch sources for studying the history of the Atlantic world. It encompasses the entire heritage, in all its forms, deriving from centuries of interaction. So far information has been included on current projects and relevant organisations (such as archives, museums and universities), along with a list of specialists with their respective fields of expertise and data on written sources, tangible and intangible heritage. This gives an impression of the diversity of information that the guide aims to encompass as it develops.

In subsequent years the completion of the digital research guide is intended to be realized as a joint venture of the KITLV/Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies and the Instituut voor Nederlandse Geschiedenis (Institute for Netherlands History). Although far from being complete, it was decided to make this guide available as it stands.

Along with this we invite all of you with an interest in this project to support its development and to correct information where required. Data can be submitted by filling out the electronics forms available on the project website. We hope that in this way a living and growing research tool will evolve, thus benefiting those with an interest in the history of the Atlantic world


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