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Centre for Heritage Studies
Acronym CHS
Country of Residence India
Contact person Prof. M.G.S. Narayanan - Director General
Visiting address

Centre for Heritage Studies

Hill Palace, Thripunithura - 682301
Phone 91+484-2776374,2781113
Fax 91+484 -2776374
Website http://www.centreforheritagestudies.com
Type of organisation Research Institute
Research, Training, India

The Centre for Heritage Studies (CHS) is an autonomous research and training institute set up by the Department of Cultural Affairs, Government of Kerala.The CHS is guided by the vision of empowering the society by generating and disseminating knowledge pertaining to the rich and vibrant cultural heritage of our country. Objectives

The Centre for Heritage Studies aims.

  • To document, study, preserve and popularize the heritage of our country, which is facing threat from various sources.
  • To provide various study, training and research programs in different branches of tangible and intangible heritage.
  • To provide integrated training for teachers, demonstrators and technicians engaged in teaching theoretical and practical courses in tangible and intangible heritage.
  • To become an advanced research centre by undertaking research projects on various aspects of heritage with emphasis on Kerala. It intends to initiate a series of activities involving workshops and seminars and will bring out research publications.
  • To visualize, plan and develop education kits and software for audio-visual education in heritage at all levels of teaching.


The centre, registered under the Travancore-Cochin Literary Scientific and Charitable Societies Act of 1955, started functioning in the year 2000. Originally, the society was registered in 1993 as “The society for the Preservation of Hill Palace Premises” and had been engaged in the renovation and restoration works of the Hill Palace premises.Later, when “The State Institute of Archaeology, art History, Conservation and Museology ” (SIAACM) was established in 2000, the erstwhile society was merged with the newly formed institute. Subsequently, the institute was renamed as “The Centre for Heritage Studies”.

Research and Teaching Activities of the CHS

P.G Diploma Courses

The centre currently offers P.G Diploma courses in Archaeology and Museology, Archival Studies and Conservation.

Orientation and Training Programmes

The CHS also offers integrated training and orientation programmes for teachers, demonstrators and technicians in various heritage related subjects such as Museology, Archaeology, Archival Studies, Conservation and Heritage Tourism, periodically.

Conferences and Seminars

One of the objectives of the CHS is to organize seminars and workshops in order to promote academic interaction. A workshop titled “ Museum training in India” was conducted by the centre in 2002. The centre hosted the joint Annual Conference of the Indian Archaeological Society, Indian Society for Prehistoric and Quaternary Studies and Indian Culture and History Society in December 2002. Recently an International workshop on the conservation of the Kadakkarappally boat was conducted from 28th to 30th April 2004.

Consultancy Services

Consultancy services in Conservation , Museology, Archival Studies and Archaeology are also offered by the CHS. A conservation Clinic has been established at the centre for the conservation of antiquities.

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Prof. M.G.S. Narayanan

Experts referring to this organisation
K.K.N. Kurup
Prof. M.G.S. Narayanan

Kochi Hortus Malabaricus Museum

Projects referring to this organisation

Projects funded
Herbal Garden for KRATER

Projects involved with
Calicut Medicinal Plants Herbarium
Collection and Ex-situ Conservation of the Medicinal Plants Described in Van Rheede’s Hortus Malabaricus
Detailed Analytical Study of Medicinal Plants in Hortus Malabaricus
Kerala Propagation of Awareness of Medicinal Plants
Kochi Hortus Malabaricus Herbarium
Kochi Hortus Malabaricus Museum

Publications / Documents

A guide book on Hill Palace, Tripunithura
Picture Postcards on the Hill Palace, Tripunithura
Journal of the Centre for Heritage Studies Vol 1, 2004
Journal of the Centre for Heritage Studies Vol 2, 2005


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