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About Cultural Heritage Connections

The goal of Cultural Heritage Connections is to facilitate a knowledge community on Mutual Cultural Heritage. We offer Dutch and foreign partners access to knowledge and expertise concerning international heritage projects.

A good starting point for your search to information on mutual heritage activities are the countries pages. Per country an overview of thematic collaboration and an overview of related projects is presented there.


Cultural Heritage Connections brings together experts, projects, and organisations in the field of international heritage cooperation. The emphasis is on mutual cultural heritage: heritage that is shared between two or more countries. It is a platform for information exchange and a documentation centre for projects. The platform offers Dutch and foreign partners access to knowledge and expertise concerning international heritage projects.


The platform is set up in close collaboration with experts and organisations, related to the mutual cultural heritage field, through CIE Heritage Days that are organised per country. On these days, professionals, with various expertise within the field of cultural heritage, come together to share their ideas and experiences on international heritage cooperation. Their input is available here, at Cultural Heritage Connections.

Cultural Heritage Connections is a growing entity that should be kept up-to-date. That is why we need your help! After all, who are more suitable than the people who are committed to the promotion of international cooperation for the safeguarding of mutual heritage?

The online platform can be consulted from anywhere in the world, by every involved heritage expert. A platform made by the people who work in the field of heritage, and made for the people who work in the same area, will, consequently, grow as a dynamic, multilateral and devoted community.


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Who is behind Cultural Heritage Connections

The platform Cultural Heritage is managed by DutchCulture, centre for international cooperation as part of their Mutual Cultural Heritage Programme. This platform was built by the Centre for International Heritage Activities with financial supported of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science of the Netherlands through their HGIS Fund.

For questions about the Cultural Heritage Connections website, please contact us at

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