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In preparing this database, the consulting team has relied on the sources indicated. Whilst the sources and the information provided by organizations and experts are believed to be correct and reliable, no responsibility is accepted for their accuracy. As the heritage cooperation between the Netherlands and Brazil, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Russia, Surinam, South Africa, Sri Lanka is dynamic, changes and developments occur on a continuous basis. The Centre for International Heritage Activities has strived to give an extensive and - where possible - complete overview of the heritage cooperation between the countries, however the information provided on this website may be incomplete or contain inconsistencies. The Mutual Cultural Heritage Database can be used incombination with the research reports that are being written. These reports help to provide the necessary background information to understand the mutual cultural heritage cooperation between the Netherlands and the Russian Federation.

Current Status Inventory Brazil, Ghana, India

At this moment the inventory of Brazil and India still needs to be concluded. The Brazil Counterpart Heritage Day will be held in June 2011. The inventory of Ghana has not started.

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