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Cultural Heritage Connections is made for the heritage professional and made by the heritage professional. Therefore, it has been decided to use MediaWiki software. MediaWiki software makes it possible to allow a lot of users to work in the 'Wiki'.

Once you have your own account, you can add your own expert, project or organisation page to this platform. Not only do you help us, you make yourself visible for others to find you. Of course we understand that you might be hesitant to share your knowledge for free. Nevertheless, you can always refer to your own website(s) for a more in-depth text.

Cultural Heritage Connections can also be helpful for projects that do not have enough budget for their own website. However, this platform is for non-commercial purposes only! Our administrator reserves the right to delete any non-heritage related or harmful contents. Go to the Help:Rules of Conduct to read more about our houserules.


How to get involved?

If you want to help keep Cultural Heritage Connections dynamic and up-to-date we need your contributions. First, create your own account by clicking on "Log in / create account". In order to prevent misuse and spamming, the administrator will have to accept the requests first; this can take up to a few days.

Working in a wiki (Cultural Heritage Connections is powered by MediaWiki) might be puzzling for starters, therefore, we have created a manual for you. This manual will give you step-by-step instructions with print screens. Click on the file below to download this manual. You can always go to Help:Contents and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to look for extra information.

File:How to get started manual.pdf

Editing with forms

Before editing texts, you always need to be logged in. After editing you can click on ‘show preview’ to see how it looks online. You always need to click on the ‘save page’ button for publishing. You can contribute in two ways:

  1. Change existing information in the database (experts, organisations, projects) by clicking on the tab in the horizontal menu: ‘Edit with form’.
  2. If you are not present in the database, after carefully browsing the database, you can add a new expert/ project or organisation by clicking in the left column on ‘contribute – add project or add expert or add organization’.

Creating a new page

If you think a subject is missing on the Wiki, you can create a new page by linking the subject in an existing page (you can do this by putting the word between two square brackets). But before you create a new page, please be sure that it does not exist yet. The Wiki is capital sensitive and does not recognise spelling errors. Click here to have an overview of existing subject pages.

Contribute with your ideas on the Community portal Community Discussion Page

Please feel free to leave your suggestions, ideas and errors on the Community Discussion Page to improve this wiki.

What's new?

Below you see a list of pages that are recently added to the Cultural Heritage Connections.

Good Example

A good way to promote a project is to be announced as a Good Example. Good examples are projects whose page are kept up to date, with informative texts, enticing pictures and/or a link to your own project website or blog. Not only is an extensive page about a project a good way to inform other professionals about project, we also believe that this use of new media encourages public outreach; after all heritage is for everyone to enjoy.

Tip for other users: Go have a look at the wiki-text of these pages (use the Edit tab) to see how they have done their formatting.

Pages that require an update

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