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Expert-icon.png Expert
B.E.J.S. (Bruno) Werz
Bruno 10.jpg
Title(s) Dr
Initials B.E.J.S.
First name Bruno
Surname Werz
Gender male
Country of Residence South Africa
Function CEO
Expertise Archaeology
Post address 27 Rose Avenue, Tokai, 7945 Cape Town (Kaapstad), South Africa
Phone +27 21 715 6288
E-mail ceo@aimure.org
Website http://www.aimure.org
Maritime Heritage, Archaeology, Africa

Bruno Werz was born in the Netherlands and joined the Underwater Reconnaissance and Diving Unit of the Royal Dutch Army after obtaining a doctoral degree in history. This was followed by a DLitt. in maritime archaeology. In 1988 he moved to South Africa where he was a Senior Lecturer at the University of Cape Town, introducing the field of maritime archaeology in Africa. He has undertaken numerous projects, including the excavation of sub-Saharan Africa’s oldest shipwreck. He is also the discoverer of the oldest artifacts from under the sea in the world. He was elected a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London in recognition of his services to archaeology.


African Institute for Marine and Underwater Research, Exploration and Education (AIMURE)

Organisations referring to this expert
African Institute for Marine and Underwater Research, Exploration and Education (AIMURE)

Ongoing research of the Dutch East-India Company (VOC) ships 'Oosterland' and 'Waddinxveen' (1697).
Ongoing research of other wrecks in the Table Bay area.
Area surveys in South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique and Bermuda.
Specialist excavations, including that of sub-Saharan Africa's oldest shipwreck.

Publications / Documents

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Operation Zembe:
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Maritime Archaeological Project of Table Bay (MAP):
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The Hydrographic Journal 72
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•B.E.J.S. Werz, 'Shipwrecks of Robben Island, South Africa. An exercise in cultural resource management in the underwater environment' in: The International Journal of Nautical Archaeology and Underwater Exploration 22, 3.
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•B.E.J.S. Werz, The Shipwrecks of the ‘Oosterland’ and ‘Waddinxveen’. 1697, Table Bay. Zulu Planet Publishers, Johannesburg 2009. ISBN 9781 9201 53 090.
The Oranjemund shipwreck, Namibia:
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•B.E.J.S. Werz, ‘Sub-Saharan oldest Shipwreck: Historical-Archaeological research of an Early Modern Era Portuguese merchantman on the Namibian coast’ in: The Mariner’s Mirror 96, 4.
•B.E.J.S. Werz, ‘The Oranjemund shipwreck, Namibia. The excavation of sub-Saharan Africa’s oldest discovered wreck’ in: Journal of Namibian Studies 6.


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