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Before adding new content to the mutual heritage database please browse to see if your project already exist.

To add a page with this form, enter the page name below with an English name.

If a page with that name already exists, you will be sent to a form to edit that page.

What name to give to a new project page?

Naming a project, location

  • Location in the title should be specified to avoid erroneous duplication. For instance a new page for the Dutch Fund for Fine Arts, Design and Architecture (BKVB), should specify the country prior in order to locate the organism as "Netherlands Fund for Fine Arts, Design and Architecture".
  • Location should be specified in the beginning of the name to avoid usage of commas etc. For instance in the case of the National Centre for Performing Arts in Mumbai, the name should be "India National Centre for Performing Arts".
  • Name should specify location and country if the location can be confused with another with a similar name in another country or if the same organisation has multiple centres. For instance the Embassy of Ghana in Amsterdam should specify the country location not to confuse with Amsterdam in NY, USA. The name then should be "Amsterdam Embassy of Ghana in The Netherlands". Similarly the Erasmus University has several centres and should therefore be noted as such if necessary as: "Rotterdam Erasmus University"


  • The child organisation should be mentioned after the parent organisation. Eg.:
Rotterdam Erasmus University Faculty of History and Arts
(where Rotterdam is the place, Erasmus University the parent organisation and the Faculty etc. the child).
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