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General questions about Cultural Heritage Connections:

Why this wiki?

Cultural Heritage Connections has been set, because a need for one database had been brought up by the heritage field and the Netherlands Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Education Culture and Science. Many heritage experts revealed that often enough they are not well informed about other projects that are being conducted in their own country or their own area of expertise. The benefit of a wiki (instead of a regular website) is that everyone can work in it and can write about their own projects. We believe the people who are directly involved, are the best promoters of their project!

Why should I get an account?

Not only can you find information on this platform, you can also be found. Once you have your own account you can start sharing information; by creating your own expert, project or organisation page. Click here for our File:How to get started manual.pdf for step-by-step instructions with convenient print screens and start contributing today!

Can Cultural Heritage Connections fund my project?

No. Cultural Heritage Connections is not a funding organisation. However, you can search in the platform for an organisation or institute who is active in your area of expertise, and might be able to give support to your project. We hope to offer you those connections that will make a funding application more succesful.

Why does the website looks disordered on my computer?

Cultural Heritage Connection is best viewed with Firefox or Google Chrome. Internet Explorer does make the website look slightly confusing and disordered; this is due to the used software that is not properly supported by Internet Explorer.

Questions about working in the platform:

What does “Follow this page” means?

When you want to save your edits, you will see a box that you can tick which says “Follow this page”. When you tick the box, you will be kept informed (by email) whenever edits have been made to this page. Therefore, we recommend you to watch your own expert page!

How can I make sure that someone else is not changing the texts that I wrote?

You cannot stop others to edit your texts. You can, however, be kept informed whenever changes to your page(s) have been made; by “watching the page”. You can easily start “watching a page” by scrolling to the arrow on the left side of the search bar, and click on “Watch”. Now, the page has been added to your watchlist and future changes to this page and its associated talk page will be listed there, and the page will appear bolded in the list of recent changes to make it easier to pick out. You can find your watchlist next to your login name (on top of the page). Look at the Help:Tracking changes for more information.

I accidently misspelled the title of the page, what do I have to do to correct it?

If a page is created it is not possible to delete it (only the administrator has the rights to do this). However, you can change the name of the page by scrolling to the arrow right next to search bar (upper right corner of the page) and click on “move”. Write down the new name, and the reason why it needed a new name, and click on “Move page”. For more information look on the Help:Moving a page page (advanced editing).

Questions about uploading files

When trying to upload a file I get the message “File does not match MIME type”?

MIME stands for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions. When you get this message it means that Cultural Heritage Connections does not recognise the type of file you are trying to upload. Check if you have not forgotten to write the extension (i.e.: .jpg, .doc, .pdf, .ico, .png, or .gif) behind its filename (in the “Destination filename” field). If you still encounter problems with it, than it might be possible that your file is “corrupt”; this can occur due to a defect or bug in your file.

I uploaded the wrong file, what can I do to remove it from the platform?

Only the administrator can delete files from the platform. Send an email to: to send your request to delete your file.

I want to use a new version of a file that I have uploaded before, but I do not wish to change all the pages that show this image

Go to left menu click on "Toolbox" and "Uploaded files", and click the file that you want to exchange. Here you can click on "Upload a new version of this file". Once you have uploaded the newer file, all the pages that use the file will show the newest version. Warning: Be sure that the new file has exactly the same name and the same extension (.jpg, .png, .pdf, etc)!

Copyright questions:

What happens to the content and images that I have placed?

All the content here is placed under the Creative Common Non-Commercial Usage licence. This means that other people do have the right to use, mix, or edit your material, and are obligated to use the same licence. Look on the website of Creative Commons, for more information about the Non-Commercial Usage licence, and other licences. Go to Copyrights or click here to read more about the Creative Common licence.

Can I use images that have been placed by others outside this platform?

The Creative Common Non-Commercial Usage enables others to use the images, but they have to be reused under the same licence; with a reference to the original source. However, it is always appreciated if you notify the original owner. You are also allowed to make changes to the file. Click here to read more about the Creative Common licence.

Haven’t found the question you were looking for? Perhaps your question is already discussed in the Help:Contents. If not, please send an email to the administrator:

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