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H (Hannedea) van Nederveen Meerkerk
Initials H
First name Hannedea
Insertation van
Surname Nederveen Meerkerk
Gender female
Country of Residence the Netherlands
Function Vice-president MoWIC Foundation
Expertise Art historian, Dutch Brazil
Website http://www.mowic.nl
Contact-URL http://www.linkedin.com/pub/hannedea-c-van-nederveen-meerkerk/11/857/8a9
Dutch Brazil, Atlantic World and the Dutch (AWAD), Atlantic World and the Dutch (AWAD expert), Early Modern History

Cultural historian Van Hannedea Nederveen Meerkerk, who once lived in Brazil, earned her doctorate with a thesis on the rise of the city of Recife, from 1630 till 1654 the administrative centre of the WIC-settlement New-Holland in north-eastern Brazil. She has holds a Master degree in History of Art and Archaeology (Utrecht University) and a Doctors degree in Architecture (Delft University of Technology)

In 2000, she was co-founder of the MoWIC Foundation (www.mowic.nl), a non-profit organization that is committed to scientific research and conservation of monuments and the cultural heritage of the Netherlands West India Company (WIC). As MoWIC-president, she campaigned to restore awareness of the historic importance and the on-going value of the New Holland heritage. In 2011, Van Nederveen Meerkerk made the switch to MoWIC's vice-presidency.

Van Nederveen Meerkerk is a gifted and productive freelance writer on Art, History and Biology.


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Publications / Documents

Nederveen Meerkerk, Hannadea van: Recife: The Rise of a 17th-Century Trade City from a Cultural-Historical Perspective Van Gorcum 1989
Nederveen Meerkerk, Hannadea van: Panorama van Johan Haak:"een Kind Van De Uiterwaarden Walburg Pers 1977
"Nederlandse tegels in Brazilië in cultuurhistorisch perspectief" (Dutch Tiles in Brazil in a cultural historic perspective)- Tegels 36 (2008)- http://www.nederlandstegelmuseum.nl/Tegel/Tegel36Nederlands.htm


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