Heritage as vital asset for urban development in Russia

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UHS workshop in Moscow with Mariël Kok (RCE), Alonso Ayala (IHS) and Eva Stegmeijer (RCE)

This past October, the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands teamed up with the Institute for Housing and Urban Development (Erasmus University Rotterdam) to organise an introductory workshop on Urban Heritage Strategies in Moscow. The basic assumption of the workshop was that if heritage is understood and managed properly, it could effectively contribute to the overall quality of urban areas and serve as a vital asset and vector for future urban investment. The workshop was attended by 12 Russian urban planning and heritage professionals. It combined theory (lectures), and practical group work focussing on two sites with Dutch roots: the fortified town of Rostov, and Lefortovo Park and nearby industrial heritage sites in Moscow, which recently have organically turned into hotspots for culture, leisure and (other) economic activity. The main purpose was to map the challenges of heritage management in inner-city urban areas, with a focus on international (and Dutch) experience that can be implemented in Russia.

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UHS workshop in Moscow with Marieke Kuipers (RCE)
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