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(Jeremy) Green
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First name Jeremy
Surname Green
Gender on
Country of Residence Australia
Function Head Department Maritime Archaeology

Jeremy Green joined the WA Museum in 1971 to set up the Department of Maritime Archaeology. He headed the survey of the English East India Company shipwreck Trial (1622), Australia's oldest wreck, went on to lead the excavation of the VOC shipwrecks Vergulde Draeck (1656) and the Batavia (1629).

The Batavia excavation was the largest excavation of a VOC shipwreck anywhere in the world and led to the recovery of a section of the hull of the ship. Work then started on the Western Australian colonial period wrecks and a series of major excavations were undertaken by the Department. Jeremy founded the Australian Institute for Maritime Archaeology (AIMA) which became an important organisation for promoting the field. He was the founding Editor of the AIMA Bulletin which started in 1978.

In 1990 Jeremy, with the support of Curtin University, established the first graduate diploma course in maritime archaeology which has provided a steady stream of young graduates that joined the field in the early days. In addition to his work in Australia, he has undertaken programmes and research projects in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Turkey, Italy, Oman, Kenya, the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Papua New Guinea and Micronesia.


Western Australian Museum
Western Australian Maritime Museum

Organisations referring to this expert
Western Australian Museum

Avondster project
Official transfer of the Dutch ANCODS collection to Australia

Projects referring to this expert
Archaeological survey of Beacon, identification of known grave sites, location of habitation sites
Archival research project to identify VOC vessels lost in Indian Ocean
Archival research project to translate into English all documents relating to 4 VOC shipwrecks
Avondster project
Batavia craniofacial reconstruction of skeletal material
Batavia wreck -site excavation
Broome aircraft wrecks, Dutch Dornier flying boats
DNA analysis of skeletal material
Identification of execution site on Long Island
Reconstruction of the Batavia Gate
Relocation of fishers on Beacon Island with objective of returning island to its natural state
Search for the wreck of VOC ship Aagtekerke (1726)
Southern Group Abrolhos Islands magnetic survey
VOC Artefacts and Numismatic databse
VOC coin analysis for trace element fingerprints
VOC timber analysis
Vergulde Draak wreck site excavation
Zeewijk land site
Zuiddorp wreck- site excavation

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