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A Hora do Brasil Foundation +Júlia Abreu de Souza  +
ANO 'Nasledie', Moscow +Aleksandr Veksler  +, Margarita Skop  +
Africa Centre +Christina Jikelo  +
Africa News +Peter Vlam  +
Africa in the Picture +Heidi Lobato  +, Bart Luirink  +, Barbara Martijn  +,
African Institute for Marine and Underwater Research, Exploration and Education (AIMURE) +Dr. Bruno Werz FSA  +, Dr. Edward Harris MBE JP FSA  +
African Studies Centre +Ineke van Kessel  +, Rijk van Dijk  +
Africaserver Foundation +Fons Geerlings  +, Azim Koning  +, Rene de Ree  +,
Afrovibes Foundation +Bob Meijs  +
Amrit Consultancy +Dew Baboeram  +
Amsterdam Centre for Architecture +Flora van Gaalen  +
Amsterdam Centre for Golden Age Studies, University of Amsterdam +Michiel van Groesen  +, Henk van Nierop  +, Willem Frijhoff  +
Amsterdam Centre for Language and Communication +Cecilia Ode  +
Amsterdam Museum +Renee Kistemaker  +
Anne Frank House +Jan Erik Dubbelman  +
Antarin Reizen +Emile Leushuis  +, Peter Moerbeek  +
Anton de Kom University of Suriname +Jerry Egger  +, Maurits Hassankhan  +
Archaeological Survey of India +M. Nambirajan  +
Archaeology Laboratory of the Federal University of Pernambuco +Marcos Albuquerque  +, Veleda Lucena  +
Archaeology and Monument Foundation +Hans van Westing  +
ArchiAfrika +Antoni Folkers  +, Berend van der Lans  +
Architectenbureau Jowa +Paul Ariese  +
Archive of the Russian Academy of Sciences, RAS +Natalia Kopaneva  +
Art & Architecture Research Development Education Foundation +Xavier Benedict  +
Art Unlimited +Pieter Tjabbes  +
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