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A.A.Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum +Modern masterpieces from Moscow. Russian Jewish artists 1910-1940  +
Abel Tasman Village Association Limited +Age and community care  +
Academic Medical Centre Amsterdam +Frederik Ruysch anatomic specimens  +
Academy of Management TISBI in Kazan (Tatarstan) +Tatarstan Matra Project: awareness raising and capacity building for protection of cultural, historic and natural heritage as part of social transformation in the Republic of Tatarstan  +
Academy of Museology UNIRO – Rio de Janeiro, BrazilMuseu Imperial – Petrópolis, Brazil +Carriages of Europe  +
Africa Centre +Internationaal Literatuurfestival Den Haag / Cape Town  +
Africa News +The Africaserver  +
Africa Sport +The Africaserver  +
Africa in the Picture +Africa in the Picture filmfestival  +
Africalia +International Event ‘African Perspectives, dialogues on Urbanism and Architecture’  +
African Diaspora and the Atlantic World Research Circle +Slave Movement During the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries  +
African Institute for Marine and Underwater Research, Exploration and Education (AIMURE) +Ongoing research of the Dutch East-India Company (VOC) ships 'Oosterland' and 'Waddinxveen' (1697).  +, Ongoing research of other wrecks in the Table Bay area.  +, Area surveys in South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique and Bermuda.  +,
African Window Museum Pretoria +Exhibition Tropenmuseum 'Family stories from South Africa'.  +
Africaserver Foundation +The Africaserver  +
Afroneth Foundation +The Africaserver  +
Afrovibes Foundation +The Africaserver  +
Alexandr Blok Library +The Dutch and their church in St. Petersburg  +
Amoksi Architectuur +Centre Mutual Cultural Heritage Suriname  +
Amotopo Village +Yesterday's knowledge, Tomorrow's future - Learning from the Village Elders  +
Amrit Consultancy +Historical Database Surinam  +, Global Atlas of the Indian Diaspora  +, Manumission and Emancipation in Surinam  +
Amsterdam Archaeology Centre University of Amsterdam +Conservation and landscaping of Dutch Fort of Katuwana  +
Amsterdam Centre for Architecture +Symposium and exhibition ‘Building India’  +, RXA - Recife Exchange Amsterdam  +
Amsterdam Centre for Language and Communication +Voices from Tundra and Taiga The Language of the Tundra Yukagir in Arctic Russia  +, Voices from Tundra and Taiga. The Safeguarding and Use of Sound Archives in the Russian Federation  +
Amsterdam City Archives +Website Suriname National Archive  +, Digital guide archival sources WIC  +
Amsterdam Museum +Frederik Ruysch anatomic specimens  +
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