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"Belongings & Objects through Time": Objects and stories from Dutch cultural background +Andrea Fernandes  +, Steven Thompson  +, John Petersen  +,
"Dutch Dare. Contemporary Photography from the Netherlands" Exhibition +Frits Gierstberg  +
"Facts.Figures" Exhibition +Frans van Lent  +, Ton Kraayeveld  +
"First Contact" Monument Project +Willem Andreae  +, Kaspar Kuiper  +
"First Sight: the Dutch mapping of Australia , 1606-1697" +Paul Brunton  +, Wilma Norris  +, Dagmar Schmidtma  +
"Station Pier: Gateway to a New Life" Exhibition +Moya McFadzean  +


'The story of the Netherlands East Indies' Exhibition +Hans van den Akker  +


1893 Statue in Burgerdorp (Eastern Cape) for the Dutch language +Siegfried Huigen  +


3rd International seminar on The scientific study and restoration of 17th-19th-centuries Dutch and Flemish painting +Lia Gorter  +, Bernard Vermet  +, Kate Seymour  +,


400 years Netherlands-Australia, National Archives website +Marijke van Faassen  +, Gijs Boink  +, Ron Guleij  +,
400th anniversary of Dirk Hartog's landing +Phillip Playford  +


5 Dutch Days 5 Boroughs +Susan de Vries  +, Felicia Mayro  +, Sean E. Sawyer  +


A New Dutch Imperial History. Connecting Dutch and Overseas pasts +Gert Oostindie  +
A Transatlantic Sprachbund? The structural relationships between Gbe Languages of Ghana and the Suriname Creoles +F.K. Ameka  +, J.A.B.K. Essegbey  +, M.P.G.M. Mous  +,
A new life for historic cultural landscapes: examples of creative policy plans +Benedict Goes  +, Peter van Dun  +, Michael Doortmond  +,
A question of priority – the vulnerability of architectural resources +Chris Murphy  +
AOTM: "Connections: 400 years of Australian-Dutch maritime links" Conference +Rupert Gerritsen  +
AOTM: 2016 - Hartog 400 +Rupert Gerritsen  +
AOTM: Explorers Commemorative Area in Parliamentary Triangle +Rupert Gerritsen  +
AOTM: National Events Corporation +Rupert Gerritsen  +
AOTM: New translation of the VOC Charter and TANAP +Peter Reynders  +
AOTM: Research on Sailors /Aboriginal interaction in WA +Rupert Gerritsen  +
AOTM: Search for Deadwater wreck +Rupert Gerritsen  +
AOTM: The “Strangers on the Shore” conference +Rupert Gerritsen  +
AOTM: Translation Projects – Translation of Selected Texts Relating to Early Australian Maritime Contact and Exploration +Rupert Gerritsen  +, Peter Reynders  +
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