Tourism Development Programme in Batticaloa and Galle Fort

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Tourism Development Programme in Batticaloa and Galle Fort
Continent Asia
Sites Galle
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Status Proposed
Project duration 2009
Type of Project Public awareness & Presentations
Discipline Heritage tourism
Activity Sustainable development
European Expansion, Landscape

This project is part of a proposal for conservation and preservation of heritage sites with a special reference to the Eastern and Northern Provinces 2009-2012 issued by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs and National Heritage in Sri Lanka under the auspices of the Sri Lanka – Netherlands Cultural Cooperation Programme.

1) The Dutch Fort at Batticaloa is identified as a site for the promotion of cultural tourism. Batticaloa has an age-old culture with different traditions. The main objective of this project is to build a cultural link with the Netherlands as the fort and the buildings inside were initially built by the Dutch. The project aims to rehabilitate the Dutch Fort and renovate the old buildings inside to represent the Dutch architecture coupled to a tourist development plan, which includes the creating of souvenir shops and comfort centres, a wind mill power plant and the development of provisions for visitors to travel with the local fishermen.

2) Galle is the capital city of the Southern Province. The seventeenth century Dutch Fort is a World Heritage Site. Galle Fort became a major tourist attraction after being declared a World Heritage Site in 1988. The Portuguese, the Dutch and the English all made Galle their main administrative centre to rule Sri Lanka. Even today, one can identify buildings bearing the architectural styles of these three nations. Due to this reason and the unique state of preservation of the fort it draws a large number of European tourists. Plans have already been initiated to make Galle Fort a Centre for Cultural Tourism.

The project proposal compromises the establishment of a boating service for local and foreign tourists, the restoration of the bathing spot near the lighthouse and landscape the are to make it attractive to tourists, the promotion of educational and social welfare among the residents of the historic Galle Fort, the improvement of infrastructure and minimize traffic congestion within Galle Fort to develop it as a centre for cultural tourism.

Project information

The goals of the project involve -among others- providing an opportunity for local and foreign visitors to get a panoramic view of this heritage site from the sea, as well as providing them with information with regards to historical, social, economic, religious, political and cultural aspects of Galle Fort, boosting tourism and enhancing the income of the residents of Galle Fort. Other goals are the protection of Galle Fort as a World Heritage Site, providing of schoolchildren with an opportunity of learning about World Heritage through modern technology and minimizing air pollution.


Project Proposal for Conservation and Preservation of Heritage Sites. Sri Lanka – Netherlands Cultural Cooperation Program with a special reference to Eastern and Northern Provinces. Phase II – 2009 – 2012. Ministry of Cultural Affairs and National Heritage, Sri Lanka, September 26, 2008.


Involved organisation(s)
Department of Archaeology Sri Lanka
Coastal Conservation Department
Galle Heritage Foundation
Ministry of Cultural Affairs & National Heritage, Sri Lanka

Funding organisation(s)

Organisations referring to this project
Coastal Conservation Department
Department of Archaeology Sri Lanka
Galle Heritage Foundation
Ministry of Cultural Affairs & National Heritage, Sri Lanka

Involved expert(s)
A.K.P.K. Jayasiri
Parakrama Dahanayake

Experts referring to this project
Parakrama Dahanayake
A.K.P.K. Jayasiri

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