Voyage around the world by sea in Oosterschelde’s Odyssey

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Westfort, a large, spacious and calm island in a fast encroaching city (source: G Jansen)

On 29 December, the former Westfort Leper Colony in South Africa will be featured in a Dutch TV series 'Oosterschelde's Odyssee' (‘Oosterschelde’s Odyssey’). In this impressive TV series, viewers follow the windjammer of Captain Gerben Nab and his crew as they sail around the world across wild seas and past splendid panoramas. Sailing on an old three-masted ship from Rotterdam to Cape Verde, Brazil, Capetown, Australia, Cape Horn and Antarctica: five continents, three notorious capes and over 45,000 nautical miles (80,000 kilometres).

Pretoria’s former Leper Colony Westfort was constructed according to the designs of Dutch architects in the employ of the South African Republic (Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek) in the 1890s, and was expanded in the years before the Second World War. It was abandoned in the 1980s and has since been squatted. Currently Westfort is being threatened by rapid urban expansion.

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